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Employee Communication – It’s Worth the Investment

Employee Communications

Clear and relevant employee communication is one of the three pillars in creating strong employee engagement. Because of its importance, many brands can and should explore digital media. The question is whether or not you can justify the investment.

The numbers are compelling.  For example, replacing a front line store associate costs about $3000. With the retail industry average of 50% turnover, that can translate into some very big numbers. Therefore, it is critical to turn your focus from the macro to the individual. What if by implementing a digital communication program you could keep one employee at each store from leaving each quarter? What if you could create a culture where front line associates were recognized for their contributions each week and this simple recognition built a bond that kept one employee from leaving each quarter. You could experience positive ROI within three months.

Want to benchmark your current readiness against the industry?  Take the Employee Engagement Readiness assessment today. It’s FREE and in just 2 minutes, you can see where your organization is lacking, and what you can do about it.

Employees, the face of your brand, want and need to be engaged. They want to feel they are part of something great. Great leaders know this, and work very hard to create the “team” feeling.  Great leaders do this because once you belong, people stop looking for somewhere else to belong and they begin increasing their contribution to the team where they are now.

Moral of the story?  Begin right now. Get a digital communication solution in place where you can quickly, efficiently and regularly communicate information to the entire organization. The people who don’t leave this year will help you keep people from leaving next year. Now you have an exponential reduction in turnover.

Want even more information about employee engagement? Check out Kevin Kruse’s book, “Employee Engagement 2.0” and our suite of employee engagement tools.

Join me in the discussion – let’s talk about what works and what doesn’t.  Let’s share ideas on how to help employees and our company get stronger, and do better starting now.