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Beyond the Cloud: The Next Trends in Digital Signage

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Over the past 10 years, the technology of digital signage has made tremendous strides toward simplicity, reliability, and ease of use, so what are some of the most popular upcoming digital signage trends today?

One trend is improved analytics. As content moved from print to digital the industry adopted the “proof of performance” or “proof of play” reports that have been a staple of the ad industry for 100 years. Our WiFi analytics can not only replace the proof of performance report, but you can merge playback data with point of sale data or customer satisfaction data and get an understanding of the impact the digital signage solution is having on your business.

With digital signage in the picture, you have a much richer opportunity to plan what will play on your screens, and another trend is the ability to choose content based on inputs. This is just one of the many benefits of digital signage. Take retail digital signage for example, in this environment the inputs can come from a range of sources and can be used for pre-planning. Beyond simple triggers like time of day or inventory levels, digital opens up the opportunity to do complex "What if..." and "If Then..." calculations on our digital signage plans and planning. 

Another trend is the move to outdoor signage. Billboards have been making this move slowly. But the mountain of this trend is the use of digital signage for drive-thru lanes and in-window displays. The cost of weather proof and hi-bright signage necessary for outdoor solutions is more readily available now and the costs are far more realistic. If you are in the quick-serve restaurant business this is great news, digital menu boards have been a goal, but when 80% of your business is drive-thru, going digital inside is less attractive. Convenience stores are also looking at the use of in-window and outdoor signage (more than just pump top) to attract customers into the store. 

Content is another place where digital signage will see changes. Moving from simple images, videos and web feeds to more interactive content. At its core, digital signage is meant to be an information tool, and making the information that appears through enterprise digital signage as personally relevant as possible is a goal.

The trend will be creating links between the brand application and the screens that are positioned. The app already knows the user and has a lot of interesting history and facts about the user. Transferring this knowledge to the screen so that the experience is extremely personalized is a trend to watch. This is the area where true Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will have early impact. Displaying content based on the interaction with the viewer will move well into the experience of one.

Beacons and Geofencing will move inside them and start to impact how we view. Again, relying on information from the branded application, the screens will get information and display accordingly.

What's next for digital signage? It's automated, integrated and interactive and I am very excited about helping organizations realize this potential.