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Changing the World

Connecting the Unconnected
Satellite Broadband
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Powering a connected experience is what Hughes® is all about and the connected experience is changing the world. Enabling individuals to thrive, communities to join the global economy, governments to deliver much-needed services to citizens, and enterprises large and small to successfully compete in bringing products and services to markets. Indeed, Hughes has been recognized by Fortune as one of the top ten companies that are changing the world—delivering broadband satellite connectivity to people and organizations globally, especially in areas underserved and unserved by terrestrial providers.

Serving a wide range of end users—from consumers to large distributed organizations and governments—Hughes has an unwavering commitment to make broadband access ubiquitous. This mission is shared across business units and championed by company employees at every level — led by president Pradman Kaul.


Changing the World Winter 2018 Newsletter Cover

The India Case
In India, where Kaul was born, 63% of the population, mostly in rural areas, have no Internet connectivity.

In Kaul’s words: Even in America, big cities and suburbs are the first to enjoy many modern services – from Internet and TV to distance learning and telemedicine – while sparsely populated areas continue to be the last priority, or not a priority at all, to benefit from the infrastructure needed to make so many technologies possible. For these often-overlooked communities, satellite has been the solution, and Hughes continues to provide it every day.

As a case in point, Reliance Jio, one of India’s largest telecom providers, is deploying a Hughes JUPITER™ satellite backhaul solution to connect its nationwide network of more than 400 cellular (4G) sites, bringing much-needed wireless connectivity to rural areas. By way of this solution, the entire country will soon enjoy ubiquitous coverage (full story page 11). Reliance Jio, a long-time Hughes customer, was also recognized by Fortune, earning the list’s top spot as a company changing the world.

Positive Social Impact
Through its satellite broadband service and support network, Hughes has helped Puerto Rico rebuild from the devastating hurricane in 2017. The Hughes team on the ground deployed more than 1,500 Hughes VSATs to connect residents, hospitals, and first responders.

Another example of positive social impact took place during Pink October in a remote village of Brazil’s Peti Valley, supporting breast cancer awareness. In partnership with the Imama Institute of Rio Grande do Sul, a HughesNet team gathered women from the village to participate in an online video chat with an oncologist and several breast cancer survivors. The women were able to learn about the importance of self-exams and the prevention of and treatment options for breast cancer. The survivors were able to share their stories and touching testimonials. In this way, for these women in Peti Valley, satellite connectivity made potentially life-saving learning possible.