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Perspective on Technology at the VSAT Congress

Satellite is Essential

I had the pleasure and honor of representing Hughes on an interesting panel discussion at this week’s VSAT Congress in Washington, D.C. The VSAT Congress, presented by Comsys and the Global VSAT Forum, brings together industry leaders from every sector for discussion. At the end of the first day, my panel, entitled Strange Technology Stretches, gave us the opportunity to reflect and comment on some of the topics of discussion throughout the day, but with a deeper dive into the technological aspects of the services we provide in the industry.

Four things jumped out to me in the conversation, which was moderated by Chris Gregory of Hawkeye 360.

  1. While there are acknowledged flat panel antenna challenges, the possibility of new Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Mid-Earth Orbit (MEO) and 5G networks is a great opportunity to extend what Hughes already does with multi-platform SD-WAN to incorporate even more systems such as LEO, MEO and 5G to our existing GEO, terrestrial and 4G solutions -- not as an either/or but as a hybrid where we choose the best path on a packet by packet basis. 
  2. With more IoT and Internet to machines coming to fruition, LEO/MEO/GEO satellites -- given their reach -- are well poised to link islands and/or individual machines to the network, especially given new, more spectrally efficient communication methods.
  3. There was a lot of discussion about spectrum sharing, spectral efficiency and collaboration with 5G. In that light and as discussed at the forum, satellite is a critical part of the global communications infrastructure and will have an important role in the 5G network of networks.
  4. It was great to hear the other panelists acknowledge the importance of capacity density so that capacity is deployed where it is most needed – this is something that has been a key focus of Hughes as we have deployed satellite broadband around the world.

It was a lively debate and exciting to see the industry pushing for innovation and collaboration as we all work to meet the incredible demand for broadband connectivity across consumer and enterprise markets worldwide.