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U.S. Air Force Selects Hughes to Develop Enterprise Management and Control Prototype for SATCOM Resilience

Company News

Hughes to employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enable interoperability among military and commercial satellite networks

Hughes was awarded a $2.2M contract funded by the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Command, through the Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC), to produce an Enterprise Management & Control prototype solution for interoperable military and commercial SATCOM networks. The prototype will include the Hughes Flexible Modem Interface (FMI) which will enhance interoperability across various SATCOM networks to form a unified, hybrid network architecture.

“Using our AI-based terminal management and control technologies, we will demonstrate a solution for fixed and mobile terminals to roam intelligently among available commercial and military satellite systems for exponential improvements in network resiliency, capacity, and cost models,” said Dr. Rajeev Gopal, vice president of Advanced Defense Programs for Hughes.

Enabling higher resiliency, when an active transmission becomes degraded or disrupted, the terminals can “self- heal” to maintain connectivity using alternate networks. The demonstration will also utilize the Hughes HM System which enables Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, helicopters and other aircraft to transmit real-time feeds of HD video and other Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance data over satellite.”