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HM Systems

Efficient and agile SATCOM for fixed, mobile and portable applications

Engineered based on software-definable modem (SDM) technology and Hughes scrambled code multiple access (SCMA) waveform, the HM System brings cost-effective and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) communications products and solutions ideal for government applications.

The HM System employs a commercially-based, open standards architecture and frequency band-agnostic platform that enables affordable, resilient solutions to meet a wide variety of mobility and portability requirements for government users. With the first gateway installed in September of 2015, the HM System can now provide global satellite-on-the-move capabilities for airborne, maritime and land-mobile platforms.

Suitable applications for the HM System include intelligence-surveillance-reconnaissance (ISR), border patrol, search and rescue, disaster response, wildfire monitoring, oil platform communications, cellular backhaul and airborne BLOS communications for manned/unmanned, fixed and rotary wing platforms.

HM Products:

HM100 Modem

HM100 Modem

A universal rack-mounted hub that is transportable and offers high-throughput to support ground station SATCOM operations.


HM200 Modem

A mobile, ruggedized modem for any communications-on-the-move (COTM) scenario, with real-time situational awareness and beyond-line-of-sight (BLoS) capabilities. Target applications include land mobile, maritime, and airborne platforms. The HM200 offers faster acquisition time, low power requirement, carrier-in-carrier capabilities, MIL-SPEC connectors, internal power supply and separate data and M&C ports. It is also equipped to deliver the best data rates in the market for SATCOM through rotor blades.