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Broadband Implementations

Next-generation, high-throughput platform for satellite broadband networks

The Hughes JUPITER System is a high-performance and high-efficiency satellite broadband platform designed to support a wide range of applications across consumer, enterprise, government, and mobility networks. Powering HughesNet, the world’s largest satellite broadband service, the JUPITER System has been deployed by leading operators around the world using both High-Throughput Satellites (HTS) and conventional satellites, making it the preferred technology choice for delivering advanced broadband services.

Enjoy up to 30% Bandwidth Savings on Satellite Implementations with the Hughes JUPITER System

Powered by the JUPITER system-on-a-chip, every terminal is able to achieve more than 100 Mbps of throughput, enabling a wide variety of applications:

The JUPITER System manages traffic and quality-of-service levels using five traffic priorities, based on the 3GPP standard. The system also makes intelligent, protocol-sensitive bandwidth assignment using Committed Information Rate (CIR), on-demand Committed Bit Rate (CBR), Adaptive CBR (outbound and Inbound), and backlog-based status. Seamlessly interfacing with terrestrial routers the JUPITER System provides alternate path selection as well as load balancing over satellite and terrestrial links.

Recognizing that networks operating over conventional satellites using 36 or 72 MHz transponders are different from HTS networks, the JUPITER System has a gateway configuration that is designed and optimized for conventional satellite operations. For multi-gateway, multi-beam HTS applications, a high-density JUPITER System Gateway can be configured to support virtually limitless capacity.