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The New “New”... a Hughes Perspective

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By Vaibhav Magow, Regional Director, Asia / Pacific SatMagazine, November 2015

Traditional satellite service business models are evolving. As a result, Managed Capacity, or Managed Satellite Services, are generating great interest as a new offering.

Managed Capacity is buying satellite capacity purchased as an IP cloud and selling it in the form of Mbps rather than in the traditional MHz model. In this model, the provider packages satellite capacity with network infrastructure to make IP capacity available.

Purchasing capacity in large quantities allows providers to aggregate demand across a large subset of market segments and sites, support a more diverse range of requirements and simplify rolling out IP VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) networks.

However, is this really a new business model? If so, then why are we are talking about Managed Capacity as a service? How does Managed Capacity differ from the traditional Satellite Service model?

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