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HughesON™ Digital Signage is a fully customizable online platform designed to disseminate information to target audiences through the use of display monitors strategically placed throughout precincts and stations. Centrally controlled by one administrator or a group of them, content can be developed to target specific audiences based on screen location and scheduled in advance to be displayed at specific times during the day, maximizing impact, and timeliness.

With today’s emerging digital environments, the old cork bulletin boards used for mass messaging have gone the way of the dinosaur. The HughesON Digital Signage screens allow you to communicate to your officers, staff, and visitors using media-rich screens that capture target audiences with videos, images, text, and even social media feeds embedded into the display template. Our product also doubles as a new resource for training your officers and staff with video-on-demand options.

Today’s officers need real-time information to perform at their full potential. We have the platform to deliver it from a centrally managed application available anywhere with an Internet connection and browser.

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