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HS2600 Digital Media Player

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Multichannel media player for high-impact communications

As the use of video in society becomes increasingly ubiquitous, customers and employees are looking to digital media to obtain the information they need. Hughes, a trusted provider of digital media solutions for distributed organizations around the world, has collaborated with industry leader, Scala, to provide robust, scalable and proven digital signage solutions.

When you are developing your customer experience goals and planning your in-store signage, don’t make decisions based on technology alone. Choose a team that can help you meet your objectives and let you focus on your business.

Hughes and Scala have collaborated on the HS2600 Digital Media player, a full-featured and reliable solution built on a proven hardware platform and based on the Microsoft Windows-embedded operating system. The Scala PC Player software provides stable, reliable multimedia playback for any market, including entertainment, retail, c-store, government, finance, and
education. This software is pre-installed as part of the Hughes HS2600.

To complete the full digital signage solution, Hughes provides a hosted, dedicated Scala Enterprise Content Manager server. Our solution also offers a range of Hughes services including installation, field maintenance, and project financing.

Video Walls

The Hughes HS2600 is perfect for video walls. With support for six distinct content channels, this appliance can drive a wide range of video wall configurations. The HS2600 allows you to address the video wall as individual screens or as a single screen, creating a flexible content and communication solution for your large format display areas.

Single Player for Multiple Displays

The HS2600 digital media player is also used to drive displays around a location. This allows you to create communications for a specific area, but retain the flexibility to create a unified communication option for special promotions, events, or other opportunities.

The HS2600 is part of a complete digital media communication solution from Hughes. Our integration of technology and services allows you to focus on your communication goals and provide:

  • Flexible, dynamic, and consistent brand messaging
  • High-impact point of purchase promotions and displays
  • Visually attract passersby with stunning video assets

HS2600 Digital Media Player Key Features

Count on me – Stable and reliable playback 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Superior playback – Our playback technology delivers reliable playback of multiple formats and supports transitions to give your content a dynamic and professional feel.
Only what I need – When you make changes to your content, the Player will download only the changes.
Plays well with others – Windows Script Host Support enables seamless interface between the Player and other systems/data using JavaScript, Python, or VBScript. This allows integration with onsite systems and other data sources to provide real-time information along with messaging information.
Which way is up? – Native support for widescreen layouts and for both landscape and portrait orientations.
Keep the light on – If your network connection goes down, the HS2600 keeps playing using store and forward technology.

Technology Capabilities

  • Drive up to six independent digital video channels
  • Store more than 200 hours of HD video assets
  • Utilize serial connectivity for monitor controls
  • Connect to onsite audio systems
  • Operate signage 24/7/365