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Hughes do Brasil is a service organization focused on the local market
and has been the leading supplier of satellite services to Brazil since its
launch in 2003.

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Hughes do Brasil provides a full suite of Hughes services, delivering data, video, voice, and IP multimedia communications to a growing base of customers throughout the region. Its sales and support team serves a variety of market sectors including service providers, government, education, retail, and financial, with more than 12,500 corporate and government sites connected.

A Glance at Hughes Customers in Brazil Today

Retail – More than 1,700 retail locations rely on HughesNet broadband service to support a range of applications such as credit/debit card authorizations, Intranet, and MPLS backup.

Financial – Six of Brazil’s top ten banks use HughesNet services to connect 2,000 branches, ATMs, and banking agents.

Service Providers – Hughes is a major partner of fixed carriers in the country, providing satellite services to over 4,100 sites. In addition, more than 70 cellular backhaul circuits are in service.

Education – More than 2,100 remote sites are connected, with live content distribution daily to over 4,000 remote classrooms throughout Brazil, impacting more than 200,000 students.

Hughes do Brasil

Hughes do Brasil

Av. Faria Lima, 201 - 7º andar

Alto de Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP CEP 05426-100

T: (55 11) 3818 7500