VoIP for Rural Mexico

Keeping up with the dazzling pace of communications technologies has become a way of life for people living in the so-called developed regions of the world. High-speed Internet access, blogs, video-sharing, and podcasts are second nature to most of us. Yet millions living in some regions have yet to receive even basic telephone service.

Until now, that’s been the case for tens of thousands of Mexican residents living in rural communities where it has not been economically feasible to provide traditional land-based telephone service. Enter the Fondo de Cobertura Social de Telecomunicaciones, or FONCOS, program, a government initiative committed to deploying telephony service to underserved locations. Thanks to FONCOS, combined with the power of Hughes satellite technology and the efforts of TELMEX, Mexico’s leading telecommunications company, rural residents are now calling friends and family for the fi rst time from home.

As part of the program, TELMEX is delivering more than 48,000 subscriber lines to over 1,300 villages and towns throughout rural Mexico. Hughes is providing the infrastructure that lays the groundwork for the TELMEX service, including a turnkey VoIP communications system comprising HN7000 satellite routers, outdoor enclosures, VSATs, and installation. This complete local exchange solution delivers high-bandwidth effi ciency at low cost, with the added capability to overlay high-speed data over voice services.

According to Nick Marzella, vice president of sales, Latin America, for Hughes, “Using an IP transport system to deliver the new telephone service allows these rural communities to leapfrog into the future with VoIP technology— bringing not only telephony, but cost-effective, high-speed Internet access. And because satellite coverage is universally available, Hughes VoIP systems can be used virtually anywhere—with the potential to bring rural towns and villages all over the world into the future.”