BP Retail Takes the Global View

For global enterprises, network management is an especially tricky business. In the past, these large enterprises had to keep track of networks, infrastructures, legal requirements, and service level agreements in many different countries—and deal with all the complexities posed by such differences.

Fortunately, there is a better way. The trend today is for large enterprises to move away from the direct operation and maintenance of their networks and instead use a single proven provider, such as Hughes, to manage all their network needs, while they focus on running and growing their core businesses.

Connecting Multiple Countries

BP Retail is benefiting from just such an arrangement by engaging HughesNet® Managed Network Services to connect BP’s retail locations in the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, and the United States. A recent contract extension calls for the continued support and management of both wireline and wireless broadband technologies at over 16,000 current retail locations, and implementation of new sites as they come online. HughesNet Optimized Network Services is a fully managed broadband offering that creates a seamless network for mid- to large-sized enterprises by utilizing the most efficient and cost-effective transport technology available at each site—whether satellite or landline. In Europe, for example, BP Retail is using DSL at over 4,000 sites and satellite broadband at more than 600 additional sites. This technology blend ensures timely, reliable delivery of business-critical information to and from any location while optimizing network performance and costs.

More than Credit and Debit

The comprehensive HughesNet Managed Service provides BP with broadband connectivity at each retail gas station, plus hub operations, and network management, as well as proactive monitoring, installation, and field maintenance. Beyond simply running credit and debit transactions, the managed network service also gives BP retailers the ability to run back office functions such as inventory management, tank-level monitoring, and browser-based business applications. “Many Fortune 500 companies today are looking at the whole network from a global perspective,” said Max Gutberlet, Hughes product manager. “They want to reduce the number of suppliers they use, and they’re finding the managed service and “no worries” connectivity approach an extremely attractive proposition.” A key benefit of the HughesNet solution is that BP Retail has a single service provider to work with for enterprise-wide network management in multiple countries, reducing associated administrative costs and complexity. Equally important, the oil giant has the advantage of only one service level agreement for all countries, yet separate billing and project management for individual countries.