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Enhance the Guest Experience for
Greater Convenience and Service

Keep guests informed, engaged, and entertained while they're on your
property, with tailored hospitality solutions from HughesON.

These days, hotel guests are looking for more. More comfort, more convenience, more customization, more ways to stay connected. To complicate the picture, the market is more competitive than ever. You need powerful technology to deliver the services that your guests demand, without burdening them with additional hidden costs. Hughes offers a suite of solutions to help you enhance the guest experience, drive customer satisfaction and ultimately build loyalty.

With Hughes Digital Concierge, you can keep your guests informed and entertained with interactive content and up-to-date information. Or choose rich-media digital signage to engage and inform your guests and/or staff. Hughes also offers a managed Guest WiFi service that provides guests with reliable Internet access anywhere on the property. Finally, Hughes delivers managed broadband (DSL, Cable Internet, Uverse, Satellite, etc.) to connect your reservation systems and power all of your back-office applications. In numerous ways, Hughes can help you create a dreamier guest experience—without keeping you up at night.

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