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Financial Services

Financial institutions rely on their networks to carry out day-to-day business.
Due to the sensitivity and value of the data, these networks must be as
secure and reliable as technology allows.

Hughes Enterprise Solutions enable network performance, robust security, high availability, and lower operational costs. Hughes provides a broad set of Digital Media Solutions enabling feature rich content delivery and consumption in a cost effective manner. Our network services support leading financial institutions like ED Jones and Smith Barney.

Network Solutions That Meet Your Diverse Needs

  • Highly secure (PCI compliant)
  • Up to 99.99% availability
  • Efficiently utilize WAN bandwidth to maximize application performance, minimize utilization, and ensure higher priority traffic takes precedence
  • Target customer communications and employee training via Digital Signage
  • Fully managed and works with existing IT resources
  • Cost effective

A fully managed, cost effective networking solution from Hughes will deliver the security and performance needed to keep your financial institution in the black.

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