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Communications on the Move

Hughes provides broadband access on a range of mobile platforms.

Solutions for Broadband Connectivity On the Move

Communications on the Move (COTM) are now an essential part of daily life for business travelers and pleasure seekers alike. By the very nature of many mobile platforms such as aircraft, ships and land-based vehicles, satellite remains the best choice to provide continuous connectivity. Hughes provides solutions for aeronautical, land-mobile, marine, and other on-the-move applications.


In the aeronautical sector, Hughes partners with Row 44 and has gained extensive experience with VSAT-based COTM broadband technology. Using the Hughes HX system, Row44 provides coverage in the North America and has extended coverage into the European and Russian regions with more expansion on the way.


Hughes maritime communication solutions are designed to withstand the harsh environments of ships and vessels. Whether on a pleasure cruise or hauling tons of cargo Hughes broadband on-the-move maritime solutions enable those aboard vessels to maintain high-quality connectivity on the internet or with command centers—no matter how harsh the environment.

Land Mobile

Hughes rugged on-the-move solutions are designed for rapid recovery during the intermittent connectivity due to obstructions typical of land mobile applications. Especially for long-haul vehicles, such as trans-continental trains, satellite broadband forms the backbone for on-board WiFi, Cellular and vehicle telematics.

The HX System provides the foundation for Hughes COTM solutions. The HX Gateway uses the DVB-S2 standard with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) for the outbound channel received by HX System routers located in the vehicle. For the return channel, the HX remote routers utilize FD-TDMA with adaptive inroute selection (AIS), power control and other features to communicate back to the HX Gateway, thus providing the most efficient return channel possible. The HX system provides the following key features for on-the-move:

  • Doppler Compensation
  • TDMA Channel Spreading
  • Rapid signal recovery
  • IP Steady State
  • Automatic Beam Switching
  • Rugged Modems
  • Configurable Demodulators
  • Full QoS capabilities for differentiating traffic

These features along with other built-in capabilities of the HX System allow the HX200 series routers to be deployed on virtually any mobile platform along with a variety of COTM antennas. Let Hughes bring the power of field-proven COTM to your application.

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